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Full Biographical Statement
Christopher R. McGee, EdD

Dr. Chris McGee serves the Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District as the Assistant Superintendent.  Dr. McGee completed his bachelor’s degree at Webster University in Biology with an emphasis in secondary education in 2001.  He completed his masters degree in educational leadership at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO.  His doctoral degree was completed at Maryville University in 2011.  His thesis was entitled “The Correlation of Standards-Based Grading and the Performance on Standardized Assessments.”  Further information about his education can be found: http://chrisrmcgee.com/p/education_15.html

Dr. McGee began his educational career in the Mehlville school district at Oakville High School.  While at Oakville, Dr. McGee taught classes which ranged from freshman physical science to junior and senior level chemistry.  In addition to his work as a teacher he chaired the grant writing committee and served as lead technology trainer for Microsoft product integration into the classroom.  His classroom innovation led him to acquire five classroom computers and thousands of dollars in grants and donations.  These resources were used to run a water quality unit for his chemistry class.  The class traveled to an area park located off the Missouri river and tested the water quality and clean and made improvements to the park.  The students then formulated reports, presented them to the community at an open house, and sent the results to the state of Missouri Department of Conservation.

Dr. McGee began teaching sixth grade science in the Kirkwood school district at Nipher Middle School in 2004.  He chaired the professional development committee and led a number of technology professional development workshops.  Dr. McGee strives to be an innovator in education.  While at Nipher he led a district changeover to a standards-based grading environment.  His work alongside assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction Dr. Deborah Holmes led to his desire to pursue a doctoral degree and learn more about the role of grading in education.  Dr. McGee left Nipher Middle School in 2012.  Further information about Dr. McGee’s teaching and leadership experience can be found here: http://chrisrmcgee.com/p/teaching-experience.html and http://chrisrmcgee.com/p/administrative-experience_15.html

Dr. McGee serves his alma-mater Webster University as the past-president of the Alumni Association's Board of Directors, and former chairman of the student awards, alumni awards, and technology, social media and executive committees.  Dr. McGee uses strategies focusing on collaboration and innovation to move the worldwide alumni organization forward.  Under his leadership video web conferencing and leveraging collaborative document and data storage has increased engagement and communication within the organization.  Further information about Dr. McGee’s participation in community service can be found here: http://chrisrmcgee.com/p/community-service.html

Dr. McGee is passionate about innovation in education.  Since his first year of teaching he has been a leader in technological advancement in education within each of the districts he serves.  He has served Apple Inc. as an Apple Professional Development Specialist.  Where he traveled the country training teachers to use Apple products and integrate them seamlessly into their day-to-day operations.  He has expanded his expertise beyond Apple products.  He is a certified “Power Searcher,” "Qualified Individual,” and Certified Innovator from Google Inc.  He has been recognized for his innovation in education as an Apple Distinguished Educator, A Google Certified Innovator, a Phi Delta Kappa Emerging Leader and featured in St. Louis Magazine as "Excellence in Educational Administration."  More details about awards and recognition can be found here: http://chrisrmcgee.com/p/awards-and-honors.html

Dr. McGee can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.  In each of these areas he is dedicated to connecting with other educators and finding new and innovative ways to improve student learning.  Further information about presentations and programs facilitated are found here: http://chrisrmcgee.com/p/programspresentations.html

Dr. McGee has over a decade of experience in coaching both football and track.  He believes his leadership in adult learners stems from his reflection and focus on assisting athletes in reaching their goals.  He is devoted to learning, leading, and making the whole of education better for students worldwide.  Through this dedication he has created an annual conference named EdcampSTL: www.edcampstl.org. This conference is free for educators and provides a wealth of opportunities to learn together, grow, challenge one-another, and develop a professional learning network.

In 2013 he created Connected Learning.  Connected Learning, found here: http://www.connectedlearningstl.org/,  provides innovative professional learning opportunities that focus on "next" practices that will influence the educational environment for all students.  He serves this organization as the CEO and under his leadership has Authored Business Plans, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, etc. and has secured 501(c)(3) designation from the federal government.  He continues to seek private and corporate partners and sponsorships.  The ultimate goal of the organization is to serve the educational community and revolutionize professional learning with a more robust professional learning network.

Dr. McGee is married to Dr. Patricia Navarro McGee and currently lives in Glendale, Missouri.  He is a father to Isabela and Eliana and the family has a cat named Brodie.  He is an ESTJ on the Myer’s-Briggs, a "green/yellow" on the Kolbe assessment and based on the Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment his top five strengths are: Focus, Relator, Strategic, Achiever, and Self-Assurance.  For more information on Dr. McGee visit his website www.drchrismcgee.com, or connect with him on twitter at https://twitter.com/cmcgee200.

Abstract Biographical Statement
Christopher R. McGee, EdD

Dr. Chris McGee serves the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District located in the St. Louis suburban area as the Assistant Superintendent.  His thesis was entitled “The Correlation of Standards-Based Grading and the Performance on Standardized Assessments.” Since his first year of teaching he has been a leader in innovation and the technological advancement of education.  He served his alma mater as the president of Webster University's alumni association's board of directors.  His passion for professional learning has inspired him to start a non-profit organization called Connected Learning, for which he serves as the CEO.  He has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Google Certified Innovator and a Phi Delta Kappa Emerging Leader.  For more information on Dr. McGee visit his website www.chrisrmcgee.com, or connect with him on twitter at https://twitter.com/cmcgee200.