Administrative Experience

Elementary Administrative Intern; Kirkwood School District, Kirkwood, MO
  • Hired, evaluated, led staff of 18
  • Inspired student population
  • Assessed and applied discipline 
  • Wrote curriculum
  • Evaluated fidelity of curriculum implementation 
  • Budgeted and purchased materials
  • Developed program
  • Developed procedures for arrival and dismissal
  • Evaluated non-tenured teachers
  • Coordinated between multiple programs on and off site
  • Evaluated program effectiveness 
  • Presented results to board of education

High School Administrative Intern: Kirkwood School District; Kirkwood, MO
  • Organized and analyzed pretest and post test data for district report
  • Authored, implemented, and coordinated drill procedures and tests
  • Budgeted, acquired, and organized materials
  • Facilitated communication between administration, staff, and students
  • Supervised break areas
  • Monitored safety and security inside and outside facility
  • Observed classroom instruction
Administrative Applications: Nipher Middle School, Kirkwood School District; Kirkwood, MO

School Level
  • Adapted Marzano system of standards-based grading for classroom use
  • Trained staff on utilizing standards-based grading
  • Member of Grading Think-Tank discussion group
  • Supervised early morning lunchroom and hallway 
  • Building Emergency Response Team co-leader
  • Mentored for new and experienced teachers
  • Facilitated Learning Walks
  • Led and implemented Response to Intervention (RtI) programs
  • Advised new science facility planning group
District Level
  • Led district level Professional Development Committee as Chair
  • Administrative substitute
  • Created cohesive science curriculum spanning two middle schools
  • Evaluated data from district performance on summative science assessments
  • Created district wide summative and formative assessments
  • Defined goals, strands, standards, and benchmarks for the district
  • Adapted curriculum to meet needs based on MAP assessment data