Sunday, February 15, 2015

Updated Programs and Presentations: Keynote Webster University

Added Keynote Presentation:

Presented on Leadership and my time at Webster University to Student Leadership Convocation.

Resources and Slide deck handouts found here.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Updated Programs/Presentations: Showcase Speaker Fox School district

Was featured as a "Showcase" speaker at the Fox C-6 School District Professional Development technology workshops.

Presented on Powersearching

Updated programs and presentations: Keynote Fontbonne Fall Insitute

Seen here:

Keynote: Fontbonne Fall Institute, 2014

Opening: Roundabouts in Education

Closing: Dressed for Success

Slides available by request.

Added to Presentations/Programs - Presented Flip Teaching Lutheran South High School

Slides found offline on Keynote

Handout found here

Updated Awards/Honors - Google Teacher Academy

Was accepted to Google Teacher Academy in Austin to become a "Google Certified Teacher"

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Updated Programs/Presentations

Facilitated Staff Development workshop for St. Margaret Mary Alacoque in Oakville.

Workshop featured and overview of Google Apps. Slides found here.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Added to Awards/Honors page

Nominated for Excellence in education award by St. Louis Magazine:

Greetings and Congratulations.

You have been nominated for the inaugural
St Louis Family* Magazine 2014
Excellence in Education Award!

You have been recognized as a person who puts their students above all else, creating an educational experience that surpasses the obligations.  St. Louis Family* magazine wants to highlight you, as a special educator, for making a difference in classrooms and children’s day-to-day lives.

This is the first year that St Louis Family*  will recognize those special teachers and administrators in the St. Louis region who have made a remarkable impact of their students’ lives.  This event was advertised throughout the region and over 100 nominations were received. 

This summer, a panel of nationally distinguished judges will review all nominations and recognize the top educators in the fields of:
Pre-K and Kindergarten
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Specialized Education

Winners will be announced and receive an Excellence in Education Award in September 2014 and will be featured in the St. Louis Family magazine Fall Issue. 

*St. Louis Family is the newest addition to the SLM Media Group that includes St. Louis Magazine and St. Louis At Home.  Launched in April 2012, this twice-a-year publication’s sole purpose is to become the go-to guide on the best resources in the area for raising happy and healthy children.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Updated 2014 Data in "References"

See page here:

Added quantitative and qualitative data about workshops from 2014.


88 surveys given to attendees of workshops.

Please rank your overall degree of satisfaction with the workshop facilitator from 1 - 6, where 6 is Most Satisfied, and 1 is Least Satisfied:
2014 data: 5.94


  • Chris was very engaging and helpful. I was engaged the whole time.
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send him back again!!!!!!
  • Dr. Christopher McGee was a wonderful presenter and made the training exciting. Thanks
  • I would love to attend the I work for education workshop to become more knowledgeable.
  • Phenomenal presentation by Dr. Chris McGee. Extremely excited about what I learned today.
  • This is the kind of training we needed as teacher when we first received our iPads.
  • Very informative
  • Very knowledgable and enthusiastic! Wonderful!
  • Wonderful training !
  • Chris was very professional, knowledgable, and friendly while giving great information I can implement in class!
  • I really want to attend a iWorks for education training with Dr. Chris McGee because he is very patient and teaches in a very positive way. I learned so much in this training. I am ready to go into my classroom to share with my students what I learned.
  • Very good. Probably need to take more in depth classes for each app to really get the hang of how to use them. Need to practice until I get it. Dr. McGee was super great!!!! He was interesting, helpful, patient, personable and enjoyable.
  • Chris is very helpful and very knowledgeable. He has a great personality I truly enjoyed the day.
  • I truly enjoyed the workshop. Dr. McGee is a very powerful presenter! He made me feel comfortable during the entire workshop! I am motivated to keep on learning more so that I can empower my students to become college and career ready! I look forward to attending the iWork's for education training.
  • Chris was amazing!!!
  • I was a little apprehensive about all of this, but I am feeling better! Thank you
  • Thanks for all your help. This has been best workshop, most relevant, I have been to.
  • This was the best apple class ever. Thanks!!!
  • Chris had great enthusiasm. He was extremely competent and engaging. The time flew by. I feel like my learning and confidence increased.
  • Great, funny presenter. He kept us engaged as well as making us very comfortable to try everything without fear. Wish he was in our district! Thanks, Chris!
  • AWESOME! Great presenter great job! Ready to enroll in another one of Chris's courses!
  • Chris was awesome!!!
  • Chris was great fun, and knowledgable.
  • I like the informal environment and the question answer segments.
  • I appreciate that Chris understands that we are at all different levels of comfort with the use of Apple products.
  • Chris is a fantastic presenter, positive, and patient. He was willing to answer other questions that came up as we were working. He did a great job of differentiating in the classroom with the different levels of experience and confidence.
  • Great day. Learned lots. Long way to go.
  • Great presentation!
  • I enjoyed the workshop and presenter today.
  • Thank you for being so enthusiastic and patient!
  • Thanks for your preparation and your time.
  • Wonderful presenter, very helpful and enthusiastic!
  • thanks for a great day of did a super job!
  • Chris McGee was entertaining, informative and patient with a group of teachers at many different levels of comfortability.
  • Our presenter was awesome; friendly, helpful, and funny! He did such a good job connecting with us so that we trusted him. GREAT Job!!!!
  • The presenter was very friendly and approachable. He made everyone feel comfortable asking questions.
  • Chris was a pleasant presenter with a great sense of humor and lot of knowledge and information. It was comforting and enjoyable to learn from him.
  • Count Response
  • Chris did an excellent job of introducing the programs and then letting us work on the apps
  • Chris was the best! Knowledgeable, patient, and charismatic!
  • Engaging and knowledgable presenter. A good day of learning.
  • Excellent presentation...just alot to absorb in a short amount of time.
  • Great fun. Amazing with NAMES!
  • chris did an excellent job presenting given plus method and style of presenting....excellent
  • Dr. McGee was a very energetic presenter that added fun to learning. The material was helpful and will help me engage students more.
  • I really enjoyed Chris. He is a great presenter and I picked up several useful classroom tools from him today.
  • Chris was a comical, creative, active, attentive, interactive, informative, engaging, energetic, and personal presenter!