Friday, November 10, 2017

Presenter: Annual Conference of the National Network for Educational Renewal

Presenter Annual Conference of the National Network for Educational Renewal

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Bridging the Experience Gap Through Engaging Professional Learning Opportunity for Educational Leaders.

School districts are silos. They are designed to look inward. They have a specific focus and work tirelessly, with little fanfare, to serve the students within their community. This often leads is to professional learning that is limited, isolating and uninspiring. Our organization seeks to create a new normal for professional learning. We seek partnerships, new and innovative ways of serving educators and in turn serve our community.

B. Purpose(s) or Objective(s) of the Presentation

  • Share the story of Connected Learning. It’s growth, it’s origin and it’s mission
  • Create bonds, connections and new possibilities with individuals and organizations in
  • our community
  • Strengthen the connected community across our region
  • Seek opportunities to partner, grow and collaborate to better serve our educators and
  • educational leaders

C. Major Content

  • Sharing the story of Connected Learning
  • Share our successes and failures
  • Share items we’re still struggling with
  • Share past learning opportunities and future learning opportunities
  • Seek partnerships to better serve our community of learnings both student and adult.

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