I will…

Always do whatever it takes to help kids succeed and seek to maximize the opportunities to make someone else's day better and never pass up an opportunity to help someone.

Celebrate the diversity and value the perspectives of others.  I will seek to always be empathetic and strive to view situations from multiple perspectives.

Believe you can't live without an eraser and not be afraid to say “I made a mistake, I don’t know or I need help.“  I will always be able to say I am sorry.

Believe my success is connected, and most of the time attributed to the success of others.

Remember when working with others, if they can't walk on water then I will freeze the lake.

View challenges as wrapped in a film of pure gold and not focus on the obstacles but on the goal.

Not say, “I don’t have time,” when I have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and Michelangelo.

Pray for those near me, around me and for those I have not yet met.

Place priority at always leading by example and seeking the newest skills and technologies available.  Then I will share them!

Always remember how I felt when I first saw my wife.

Embrace every day for the possibilities it holds.

Believe Jay-Z when he said that, “Difficult takes a day and impossible takes a week.”  I will not be overwhelmed by the task ahead of me.

Ask probing questions to get to the root of every issue before I act.  I will remind myself to enjoy the process and not always seek the product.

Support those who need supported, celebrate those that need celebrating, and challenge those that need challenged.

Not be afraid to take risks: I will skydive and snorkel, but only if necessary!  If I’m going after Moby Dick, I will bring the tartar sauce.