Monday, December 17, 2018

Featured in St. Louis Post Dispatch article on EdHub Fellowship

Seen Here:

"Still, Chris McGee, an administrator in Affton School District and himself a self-proclaimed tech geek, heard about the Venture Café gatherings early on and decided to check them out.

“I remember going and being dumbfounded that people were sharing expertise,” said McGee, who was a classroom teacher for 11 years before moving into school administration. “Thursday night gatherings of Venture Café were my first entrance into what the world outside education was and could be.”

McGee wasn’t the only one who saw the promise that a dedicated collaborative space could hold for educators.

About a year ago, Mathews began speaking with researchers, school district personnel and community leaders about what would become Venture Café’s latest effort: EdHub STL.

“We wanted to see if what was being done in the entrepreneurial space could work in education space. It’s a place for people to use — not to tell them what to do, but to support and facilitate people who are already doing the programming,” he said."

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