Thursday, June 19, 2014

Updated 2014 Data in "References"

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Added quantitative and qualitative data about workshops from 2014.


88 surveys given to attendees of workshops.

Please rank your overall degree of satisfaction with the workshop facilitator from 1 - 6, where 6 is Most Satisfied, and 1 is Least Satisfied:
2014 data: 5.94


  • Chris was very engaging and helpful. I was engaged the whole time.
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send him back again!!!!!!
  • Dr. Christopher McGee was a wonderful presenter and made the training exciting. Thanks
  • I would love to attend the I work for education workshop to become more knowledgeable.
  • Phenomenal presentation by Dr. Chris McGee. Extremely excited about what I learned today.
  • This is the kind of training we needed as teacher when we first received our iPads.
  • Very informative
  • Very knowledgable and enthusiastic! Wonderful!
  • Wonderful training !
  • Chris was very professional, knowledgable, and friendly while giving great information I can implement in class!
  • I really want to attend a iWorks for education training with Dr. Chris McGee because he is very patient and teaches in a very positive way. I learned so much in this training. I am ready to go into my classroom to share with my students what I learned.
  • Very good. Probably need to take more in depth classes for each app to really get the hang of how to use them. Need to practice until I get it. Dr. McGee was super great!!!! He was interesting, helpful, patient, personable and enjoyable.
  • Chris is very helpful and very knowledgeable. He has a great personality I truly enjoyed the day.
  • I truly enjoyed the workshop. Dr. McGee is a very powerful presenter! He made me feel comfortable during the entire workshop! I am motivated to keep on learning more so that I can empower my students to become college and career ready! I look forward to attending the iWork's for education training.
  • Chris was amazing!!!
  • I was a little apprehensive about all of this, but I am feeling better! Thank you
  • Thanks for all your help. This has been best workshop, most relevant, I have been to.
  • This was the best apple class ever. Thanks!!!
  • Chris had great enthusiasm. He was extremely competent and engaging. The time flew by. I feel like my learning and confidence increased.
  • Great, funny presenter. He kept us engaged as well as making us very comfortable to try everything without fear. Wish he was in our district! Thanks, Chris!
  • AWESOME! Great presenter great job! Ready to enroll in another one of Chris's courses!
  • Chris was awesome!!!
  • Chris was great fun, and knowledgable.
  • I like the informal environment and the question answer segments.
  • I appreciate that Chris understands that we are at all different levels of comfort with the use of Apple products.
  • Chris is a fantastic presenter, positive, and patient. He was willing to answer other questions that came up as we were working. He did a great job of differentiating in the classroom with the different levels of experience and confidence.
  • Great day. Learned lots. Long way to go.
  • Great presentation!
  • I enjoyed the workshop and presenter today.
  • Thank you for being so enthusiastic and patient!
  • Thanks for your preparation and your time.
  • Wonderful presenter, very helpful and enthusiastic!
  • thanks for a great day of did a super job!
  • Chris McGee was entertaining, informative and patient with a group of teachers at many different levels of comfortability.
  • Our presenter was awesome; friendly, helpful, and funny! He did such a good job connecting with us so that we trusted him. GREAT Job!!!!
  • The presenter was very friendly and approachable. He made everyone feel comfortable asking questions.
  • Chris was a pleasant presenter with a great sense of humor and lot of knowledge and information. It was comforting and enjoyable to learn from him.
  • Count Response
  • Chris did an excellent job of introducing the programs and then letting us work on the apps
  • Chris was the best! Knowledgeable, patient, and charismatic!
  • Engaging and knowledgable presenter. A good day of learning.
  • Excellent presentation...just alot to absorb in a short amount of time.
  • Great fun. Amazing with NAMES!
  • chris did an excellent job presenting given plus method and style of presenting....excellent
  • Dr. McGee was a very energetic presenter that added fun to learning. The material was helpful and will help me engage students more.
  • I really enjoyed Chris. He is a great presenter and I picked up several useful classroom tools from him today.
  • Chris was a comical, creative, active, attentive, interactive, informative, engaging, energetic, and personal presenter!

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