Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Updated Programs/Presentations

Uploaded two videos to Programs/Presentations tab from Professional Development day at Seckman High School.

Feedback from the Seckman professional development day included:

The staff was asked their favorite session of the day:
  • Chris Magee. Thought provoking.
  • Standard Based Grading, because it is a very interesting concept to explore.
  • SBG Because it was very "real" because he is actively using this method in Kirkwood.
  • I enjoyed Chris McGee's session because he seemed very knowledgeable about the standards base grading
  • The grading. It is a new way of viewing education that I feel is very valuable.
  • Probably McGee b/c of his effective presentation style, enthusiasm, and reality check.
  • Chris McGee session because he was very upbeat about his presentation and I am truly interested in the topic. He was well organized and presented very well.
  • My favorite was the Standards Based Grading session. It seemed to me to be the most useful for the future of our school.

Comments from the question just about my session:  What is one thing you learned from CHRIS MCGEE'S session on Standards Based Grading?

  • I have a greater understanding of Standards Based Grading, and the information and data he relayed has helped me to make a more informed decision on how I might be able to implement it in the future should our school make that move.
  • I thought it was very interesting. I plan on trying that in my classroom.
  • Wow! It is deep and is very interesting. I learned that the focus must be on the goal and accomplishing the goal versus dwelling on each step along the way. It is definitely a viable option!
  • LOTS! Was great to hear someone in the field using this method. is a viable option for assessment (not grading as it is traditionally known).
  • Chris helped to re-affirm my opinions about standard based grades.
  • I liked how it put it into teacher terms and was very forthcoming about it being a long process of change. I can see how it is important and how it would benefit the students. I also was happy that he showed a copy of his grade book.

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